We are the sole team representing Malaysia for the Bridgestone’s World Solar Challenge in 2015 and 2017. We build and race solar car and compete with 42 teams from all over the world. The team consists of students from different faculties and work extremely hard to achieve one goal; to be on the Top 5 finishing team.

Our team consists of undergraduate students from multidisciplinary background such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Applied Sciences. The team is divided into technical and non-technical departments. Below is the breakdown of our team structure.


A solar panel is built from many individual cells called solar cells. These solar cells are the ones responsible to convert the sunlight into electrical energy. A typical solar cell usually output a voltage of 0.5V and have an area of 152mm2. The cells are soldered in series together and are encapsulated with special layer of films to protect the cells from being corroded by the harsh UV ray.

In the upcoming World Solar Challenge, the total area of solar cell for Silicone is 4m2. This means the number of cell we are allowed to use are 260 cells. The arrangement of the solar cells is entirely up to the team to decide.



In 2017, the team used solar cells that had an efficiency of 20%. This year, we aim to use solar panels that are built with solar cells with efficiency of 24%. This will ultimately increase the total cost of creating the solar panel. This is where we hope the crowd would jump in.

Adopt-A-Cell program is a program where the crowd gets the chance to be part of the history. The program is simple; select one of the packages and get a chance to adopt a battery cell, a solar cell or even an area of the car to display YOUR picture! We will also give out some other gifts along with the package.

Check out one of our Adopt-a-Cell packages below, and choose one that suits you!




To suit everyone’s financial condition, we created a few packages that would help you make your choice. Not only you can adopt-a-cell, you can also adopt an area of the car and have YOUR picture on the car!


We believe that our past experience in the World Solar Challenge along with the extraordinary support from the previous team would help us achieve our target. The new team is now assembled and we have completed a thorough planning up to our competition date which will be on 13th to 20th October 2019.

The only major setback that we had right now is in terms of funding. This is an all-student project which would ultimately cost us around RM1.2 mil in total. You might say this is too expensive for a racing project, but it is the ultimate price for all of us to race towards the future. In the past 5 years of Eco Photon’s existence, we have been working non-stop in trying to figure out the best way to power a vehicle using only the sun.

Do we really need a 1-ton vehicle to drive us to work everyday and pollutes the air with the dangerous by-product produced by a combustion engine? The answer to future of transportation is always electric vehicle. We’ve taken this leap this leap since 2014 and have been developing ever since. We are training students to be part of the future. We want to make Malaysia move towards green technology and we definitely want to make Malaysia be on the top 10 of the World Solar Challenge.

Come, join us and make a change!

We partnered with the Mechanical Engineering Faculty Alumni Society to help us in terms of promoting the Adopt-A-Cell program and to help in terms of funds collection. We are thankful enough to get the support from all Mechanical Engineering Faculty alumni and hoped that we will also get support from alumni from other faculty.

UiTM has also shown support in our program and has always had our back since the team was established. We are proud of having the support from our university and will work hard to make sure we put UiTM’s name in the eyes of the world.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of history. With our motto “Cruise with the sun” and support from all of Malaysians, we strongly believe we can bring Malaysia to the eyes of the world.

Give us a call or email on any enquiries, we will be happy to attend them. We hope with your participation and collaboration, we will be able to achieve our objective and make Malaysia proud.


  • Call/WhatsApp :
    +60 17-937 3159 – Amirul (Team Treasurer)
    +60 12-655 1505 – Tuan Afifah (Sponsorship Officer)
    +60 17-218 6914 – Wan Zahira (Sponsorship Officer)
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