We were live in Selamat Pagi Malaysia on RTM!!

Oh man, what a tiring day. But we were lucky enough to get a slot in a local TV station in a show called Selama Pagi Malaysia (literally translated to Good Morning Malaysia). We were invited alongside Prof. Ts. Dr Haji Mohamad Kamal Haji Harun, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International) of UiTM to promote the upcoming event involving the institute and the Ministry of Education called STEM Carnival.

Having a look inside the cockpit and explaining some of the technical details.

Although the slot that we were in was quite short, we managed to explain in details about what we do, what race we were involved in, some technical details and also did a short demonstration to prove that it is in fact, an actual street legal car. Surprisingly, many of the live audience thought that was a boat. Probably because of its shape.

After explaining about how the car works, they were blown away. Its not everyday you can get to see a solar car in real life. We also get a chance to explain that we are now looking for potential partners and are open to any collaboration opportunities.

This is a just a short write up. I wish I could write longer but there’s just too much writers block for me. We’ll be looking out for someone to write proper blogs soon!! So, bye for now, and I’ll leave you guys with some pictures taken from the set earlier. See you soon!





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